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Our Canvases and Prints can be purchased at:

Humphrys Flag Company
238 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
T: 215 922 0510
F: 215 922 7994


We got fabric options for you as well, durable, soft and printed in the pattern and size you need for each project.


Imagine having any pattern you want for your clothing line printed in a matter of days.  We can print intricate patterns in any color and shape you need.

WE ARE AS UNIQUE AS YOU.  Got a product concept you want to float by us? We are listening and ready to product develop with you….  just send us a message using the Contact Page!

This site is only a sample of our very large upscale selection.   We source and competitively price  upon request.  Merchandise is shipped directly from our distributors.  Allan Richter Art is custom made to your order and is not limited to that which is shown.  Let us know what you are interested in and we will email suggestions, pictures and pricing.  We offer  personal in home assistance in the Philadelphia area as well as individualized advice and assistance by email.  We meet at any of our representative locations and can show you assorted samples of our custom work.

Our History

Larry Paul Casting Co., Inc.
since 1978
Casting all Preciosus and Non-Ferrous metals
740  N Samsom Street
Philadelphia, PA  19106
Room 410    215-928-1644


RICHTER HOME DECOR tm and Allan RichTer ART tm are synonymous with fine and decorative art as well as custom home decor , wall art, and giftware.  We feature Allan Richter Fine Art Photography TM.  and custom gold jewellry by CUGGINI jewelersTM. We purchase from a specialty  company with the largest selection of tapestry wall art, and oil paintings. This selection includes artwork from reputed artists such as Monet, Klimt, Van Gogh and many others.  We also use a wholesale supplier specializing in the direct importation of fine, custom-designed products from many respected manufacturing firms and unique artisan creations from the Far East and South and Southeast Asia. This  allows RICHTER HOME DECOR tm, to offer a world of unique designs and top quality imported furniture and decorative accessories. Buyers and designers comb the countrysides of Vietnam, India, China, the Philippines, and many more nations to bring Richter Home Decor tm customers the very best in value and quality. We offer products that are handcrafted and hand painted by skilled artisans. Accessories that are custom-designed pieces that feature unique hammered metals, wood carvings, solid ceramics, and other beautifully fashioned accents and embellishments. Furniture is crafted from a wide array of solid U.S. hardwoods (maple, oak, pine) and exotic plantation timbers native to the Orient such as gemelina and acacia. These crafted pieces are finished in a variety of fine veneers and unique finishes, or feature delicately hand-painted décor. 

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Third Generation 

  •       Morris Richter: -Richter's TM Custom Upholstery  
  •       Charles Richter:  Richter's TM Custom Upholstery & Decorating
  •       Allan Richter:  Richter Home DecorTM  Allan RichTer ART TM 




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Decorative and fine art is our passion. We offer unique artist inspired home decor including wall art, paintings, tapestries, furniture, accessories, and much more at affordable prices. This site is informative and entertaining. Furnishing a room and owning art expresses you.  It feels good.

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